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Spring Walk

We went on a lovely walk to look at all the first signs of spring!

Forensic Science!

Junior Infants had a great time at our forensics workshop. We had to find all the clues to help us to figure out who stole the jam sandwiches!

Science Fair

We really enjoyed learning all about science at the Sixth Class Science Fair.

Fun With Magnets

We had great fun investigating with magnets! We found lots of items in our classroom that attracted the magnets, especially the things on teacher’s table!

Spring Walk

Junior Infants had lots of fun on our Spring Walk with Fourth Class and some Sixth Class pupils!

September Walk

Senior Infants really enjoyed their September nature walk with Fifth Class!

Doing Some Gardening!

We planted sunflower seeds. It’s important to water them so they will grow.

Engineer’s Week

Fourth Class came to show us the bridges they built for Engineer’s Week!

Nature Walk

We went on a lovely autumn nature trail with our buddies in Sixth Class!

Is it Waterproof?

Senior Infants had great fun today discovering if different materials are waterproof or not. We decided that it would not be a good idea to wear a raincoat made of cotton wool!!