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Ready Set Go – Sorting

Junior Infants are hard at work sorting out sets as part of Ready Set Go Maths. We have learnt to sort them by many different properties!


Maths – Sorting

Senior Infants have been busy sorting sets in Ready Set Go Maths.

Maths – Patterns

Junior Infants making amazing patterns.

Maths Time!

Today we sorted our sets as part of the Ready Set Go maths programme!

Ready, Set, Go Maths – Combining

As part of the Ready, Set, Go maths programme, we have been learning to combine 3 numbers. We are getting very good at it!

Ready Set Go – Partitioning 9

We have been making excellent progress with Ready Set Go Maths. Here, the children are partitioning sets of 9.

Team Teaching

Enjoying team teaching for Ready, Set, Go Maths and English.