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Aistear – The Farm

Junior Infants are really enjoying learning about the farm for Aistear!

Aistear – The Post Office

We are having so much fun in Aistear this week learning about the post office!

Aistear – School

Senior Infants are having great fun in Aistear. For the month of September we have been exploring the theme ‘School’.

Jungle Art

We have been learning about the Jungle for Aistear. We did some lovely artwork!

Aistear – School

Our Aistear theme this month is school. We have had lots of fun in the role play, construction and playdough areas.

Aistear – The Doctor

Junior Infants have been learning all about the doctor’s surgery in Aister. We have been busy checking temperatures and heartbeats in the role play area, labelling the different parts of the body and even making our own xrays of our hands.

Aistear – The Farm

We had lots of fun learning about the farm for Aistear and making these cows in the arts and crafts group.

Aistear – Homes

Junior infants have been learning about houses and homes for Aistear. We learned about these through role play, contruction and craft areas.

Aistear – An Garda

We have been very busy solving crimes in Junior Infants – our Aistear theme this fortnight was “Na Gardaí”.

Aistear – The Hairdresser

We have been very busy for Aistear with our latest topic “The Hairdresser”. We built some fabulous salons, created some funky hairstyles and made lots of appointments. Ms Murphy even treated herself to getting her hair done!