Monthly Archives: March 2015

Easter Acrostic Poems!

Giant Easter Eggs!

Junior Infants decorated giant Easter eggs which will be on display in Mahon Point Shopping Centre over the Easter holidays.

Happy Easter!

We drew Easter bunnies in Art this week!

Easter Artwork

Look at our lovely Easter baskets!

Spring Fun

Junior Infants had a lovely day in the spring sunshine today. We played in the playground and had a picnic in our new picnic area.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Show and Tell – Talking About Our Favourite Books

Story Time

Sixth Class read our favourite stories to us to celebrate World Book Day!

Dressing Up for World Book Day

We all dressed up as different characters from different books for World Book Day!

Using Our Senses

We were using our senses today while trying out different types of fruit. We felt the pineapple, melon, watermelon and grapefruit. We also described what they looked like. Then we blind folded some children and let them smell the fruit. Lastly we tasted them all!